Themaskofbeauty: Second hand clothing bargains:

5 Jul


Themaskofbeauty: Second hand clothing bargains:

Second hand clothing such as charity shop, ebay, depop, vintage sale and car boot sale pieces are definitely underrated in this day and age! I frequently find myself browsing ebay, depop, vinted and other apps to find current clothing but, for a fraction of the price that they are in the shops. I love visiting charity shops as well, as they’re full of a range of different items. It’s also a great feeling to know that you’re money goes to a worthy and grateful cause. I also love ebay (especially) and charity shops for selling and donating my unwanted clothes as it’s so easy and quick, and again, that feeling of helping others out comes back.

Outfit #1 The “more formal” outfit:


What piece of clothing? Jumpsuit

Where brought? eBay

Brand: Miss Selfridge

Original price in shop: £45.00

Brought 2nd hand for: £4.70

Saved: £40.30

I had been looking for this item for ages in eBay, getting outbid during auctions and keeping a close eye on prices. This had only been worn twice and was in perfect condition. The jumpsuit is a great statement piece for festivals, formal gatherings, party’s and could even be pulled off as a causal outfit.


Outfit #2 The “pretty” outfit:


What piece of clothing? A-line skirt

Where brought? eBay

Brand: Motel rocks at Topshop

Original price in shop: £28.00 

Brought second hand for: £14.20

Saved: £13.80

I absolutely love this A-line skirt by Motel Rocks at Topshop! I spotted this on a clothing haul on a Youtube video and knew I had to get it! I love wearing this for casual days with flats as well as dressing it up with a pair of wedges for a summer party or dinner.


I think this boho pattern is so summery and pretty, it will be great for wearing on holiday and in the hot weather!

Outfit #3: The “more casual” look:


What piece of clothing? High neck top

Where brought? Phyllis Tuckwell hospice

Brand: H&M

Original price in shop: £10.60

Brought second hand for: £3.99

Saved: £6.61

This top is so comfortable and such a “flowy” material. I love the detailed pattern with the high neck which makes it so unique and a statement piece. I like to pair it with white Topshop joni jeans and a pair of converse to complete the look with a casual twist.


I really enjoyed doing more of a different post, so if you would like more than this, give it a like and let me know!




Themaskofbeauty: Bargain buy: Stila “In the garden” eyeshadow palette:

30 Jun


Bargain buy: Stila “In the garden” eyeshadow palette:

When strolling through TKMaxx on my work break a few weeks ago, I noticed a gem in the clearance section which caught my attention straight away! Being a fan of Stila makeup myself, and having never owned one of their palette’s, I jumped at the opportunity to grab this bargain!


Retailing for £25.00 on the Stila cosmetics website, I brought it for £4.00! Yes, I said £4.00! Reason being a) because TKMaxx is a cheaper store for premium brands, but also the smudge stick waterproof eyeliner, in “starfish” was missing. Fortunately, apart from the missing liner, the palette was untouched and in good condition, so I didn’t look back.


With a range of beautiful natural and more brighter colours, it is a perfect palette for the summer. Having greeny-hazel eyes myself, I thought this palette was perfect for me! I’ve tried it a couple of times and I thought the pigmentation was fantastic and they’re easily blend-able.My most used shades are breeze, for a base colour, and sage for a wash over the eyelid. I also love using moss for a subtle smokey eye that I can build!

PicMonkey Collagecs

The shade nectar in the middle photo cannot be seen very well, but it has been swatched!


I thought this photo of the eye shadows glistening in the sunlight was too pretty not to include! They are so sparkly!

I definitely recommend!

Katie xoxo

Themaskofbeauty: Revolution eye palette mini review

10 May

Themaskofbeauty: Revolution eye palette review:

Eye pallete

Firstly, it’s evident that this palette comes with 12 unique eye shadows, very much alike to the naked 3 palette (dupe alert!) Its range of warm pinks, purples and greens screams that this palette is a perfect match for green eyes especially- like me.


Number one in the palette is great for a bright highlight near the inner corner of your eyes. It’s great for making your eyes pop and making you look more awake. Revolution have been clever enough to design for eye shadows 1-6 to be shimmer, and 7-12 to be matte. This then caters to everyone, and gives you a wide range of choice! I really enjoy using 10 and 11 to blend into the crease for a night look, as well as using 3,5 and 7 for a soft, girly day choice.

PicMonkey Collage1d

Furthermore, these eye shadows are beautifully pigmented and blend nicely together. I sometimes opt to use the MUA eye primer to help as a base, yet to mention it is also extremely affordable!

PicMonkey Collagevcxv

As far as packaging goes, it’s alright, I wouldn’t say anything particularly special, but you cannot argue with it’s price of only £4! I would say it is flat and nicely slim to easily keep in your bag for going out. When wearing the palette, I love to pair it with my benefit they’re real mascara to really bring out my eyes, as well as the beautiful dark nude Kiko lipstick in 918, and the maybelline color sensational light nude lipstick in 710. I usually will put the maybelline one on top of the kiko one to blend them, and then finish with a clear lip gloss.

This beautiful revolution palette retails in Superdrug! I can definitely tell I will be using this lots in the summer and I cannot wait!

Hope you enjoyed this review! It’s been so long since I last published a blog post, and I want to keep on blogging as its a passion I love so much,

Katie xoxo

P.S (This blog post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and all products were purchased with my own money)

Themaskofbeauty: Requested reviews: Bourjois healthy mix serum:

23 Mar


Themaskofbeauty: Requested reviews: Bourjois healthy mix serum:


Hello everyone! Today I have started a requested review blogpost. Today, I offered to write a review on the Bourjois healthy mix serum, so I will start straight away!

Lets start with the obvious, packaging! This foundation caught my eye as it is quite a slim, tall and unique shape.It also has an image of some fruits on the frount, which made it a little more interesting to read about. On the packaging, it claims that it has “16 hrs radiance-boosing”, which I agree with the fact it is radience boosting, but I would say it lasts for the maximum of 8 hours, without powder top-up.It also says that it is a gel foundation. I believe this is right, as it is quite dewy, but leaves a very beautiful finish.

Talking about the finish, I agree when bourjois say it gives a “flawless” finish, as it covers up the majority of redness and imperfections, while also looking natural, and even.It also gives quite a dewy finish, hence the “gel” style foundation, so if you prefer a matte finish, I reccomend either using a foundation, or not using this foundation at all. In addition to this, I brought the shade 52 “Vanille” or Vanilla, which was a good match to my pale skin, but I am under the impression that they do not have a wide variety in color range.This foundation is also quite yellow toned, so I recommed that if you have more pink coloured skin, that you think twice, before you buy this product.


This product also smells amazing, and very fruity and fresh, this instantly attracted me to the product more, but if you do not like scented foundations, I reccomend that you do not purchase this.

Also, the finsh of this foundation feels very light and natural. It also felt like I was not wearing anything on my skin, so thats a bonus!I think this foundation is great for a school, collage or work day. I also enjoy wearing it on holiday, as it feels so light. Although I reccomed putting on some suncream before hand, as this foundation does not inclde SPF. 

This product is also super affordable, it retails in boots and superdrug, for I think £9.99.You can also buy this on fragrencedirect online.

All in all, I very much reccomed!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Katie xoxo


Themaskofbeauty: What 2013 had to offer: Favorites!

22 Mar


Themaskofbeauty: What 2013 had to offer: Favorites!

Before I start, I have to make a huge appology to all of you! This post should have been written over two months ago, and I have been super busy! I hope you enjoy reading this, and I would love for you to share this post with all your friends! I am trying from now on, to find any spare peice of time, to make a blog post. Anyway, thats enough rambling, lets start with what I loved from what 2013, had to offer!


The NYX jumbo eye pencil:


I purchased this product when I travelled to Spain last summer. It is in the shade 608, which is Cottage Chese (I think)! It is a beautiful shimmery/light white/silver colour, which can be used as an eyeshadow base, tearduct highlight, and more! I really love using it as a tearduct highlight, as it is super brightning, and it is easy to apply, with the thick pencil shape!The consistancy is also very creamy and soft, and it would be suitable for a school or work day, when you are feeling and looking tired!


The rimmel stay matte powder is also a favorite of mine. I have combination skin, and it is lovely and soft on my skin. It also lightly covers my redness, and it stays on for around 4 hours. Rimmel have a great range of colours, and shades, and they also have a translucent one, if you are planning on having a natural matte finish. Strongly reccomend!


The bourgois healthy mix serum was also lovely and light for my skin.It has a fantasic colour range, and it is made with natural products. It also smells amazing, very fruity and fresh!It lasts around 6/7 hours on my skin, while feeling like there is nothing on your skin at all!Not heavy or cakey at all!


The real techniques expert face brush, is also amazing. I recieved this before christmas, and I literally use it every day. It is a very versitle brush, and when it comes to cleaning it, the bristles on the brush do not become weak, or fall out. It is also super soft, and gentle towards the skin, and gives a flawless finish. Great value for money.


Even though the naked basics pallete is pretty pricey, it is fantasic value for money. There are 5 matte shades, and one shimmery highlight. All eyeshadows are very wearable, and are very versitle! They can be used for a natural day makeup look, and can be easily turned into a smokey night look. The packaging is also very cute, and can be easily put into your everyday bag, for on the go!

The rest of the products in the picture above are rated as follows:

Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume: 5/5 (Lovely everyday perfume)

Essence mascara: 4.5/5 (Fantasic for everyday use, very volumising!)

Collection concelar: 5/5 (Best concelar I have ever tried)

Loreal toner: 4/5 (Very good toner for day and night use)

I believe I may have done a blog post, on the Loreal toner and the eccsence mascara, but if you want me to review one of these products in more depth, just let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Katie xoxo

Themaskofbeauty: Getting ready for Christmas!

7 Dec

Written by Themaskofbeauty:

Getting ready for Christmas!


Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have not written a blog in what seems like a decade! I have been up to various things, but one of them, is Christmas!

Christmas is definatley the occasion I look foward to the most every year, gathering with the family, opening gifts, giving gifts,christmas shopping, christmas parties, and the food! Christmas is the perfect time of year, its so exciting.

To get you in an even more exicted mood for christmas, I thought I would do this blog post on my preperation for Christmas, and what I love:)

Enjoy! 😀



Firstly, Starbucks! You can never go wrong, especially in the winter months, and the colder season, with a nice hot drink. My personal favorite is the salted caramel hot chocolate, its delicious! I also opt for costa, as I love them both equally, cant go wrong!

Next, the nivea hyrdo care lipbalm, its silky and cremy texture, makes my lips feel super moisturised and soft, and its great for chapped lips in the winter (ew!)


Fruit tea! I am such a big fan of fruit tea, my favorite is the mixed berries, and I have a cup of this probably once a day (but today I had 2, shhh!) It keeps me warm, and it is so refreshing, its great for any time of day!





I am also absolutley loving The rimmel kate moss lipstick, to see a whole blog post on this, I have written it on this blog Themaskofbeauty!

I also love yankee candles in general, but I especially like the festive ones! This is my sisters one, and I am really tempted to buy one of my own! My all time favorite is Christmas cookie, but I love candles being lit in the festive season, for a cute light, and a gorgeous winter scent!



This last photo just got me into a really Christmassy mood, I think the tree with its branches looks beautiful, and it really made me look very foward to Christmas!

Have a very happy christmas everybody!

Love from Katie xoxo

Themaskofbeauty: My Autumn Skincare Routine!

10 Oct


Themaskofbeauty: My Autumn Skincare Routine!


Hello everyone, long time no see! I apologize, I have lots lined up for the next couple of months, and I thought to kick it off with an autumnal themed blog post. 

I am always switching up my skincare routine, and I adore to try out new products and see what they are like!

So, without further or do, in the morning, I…….


1) Wash my face with a scrub; my favorite at the moment, is St Ives, apricot blemish scrub! I like this, as it removes any dry skin, exfoliates, and refreshes me in the morning.

2) I then use a toner, on a plain cotton pad, at the moment, I am very impressed, with the Loreal skin perfection toner, it’s apparently very similar to the Bioderma toner.

3) Next, I use the soap and glory cleansing cloths. These I only use occasionally, as I do not have many left, I use them around once every week, and they thoroughly cleanse my skin, and let my pores breathe.

4) After that, I use the Superdrug tea tree spot stick gel. I just focus this over redness, spots or pimples on my face, so it reduces the likelihood of it returning, this is my second tube of this, so I recommend it.

5) To finish up the morning side of the routine, I use Olay’s beauty fluid day cream.I feels very light and moisturizing on the skin, and is a great base for a foundation, BB cream or a primer.


For my evening routine, I carry the same steps out, but instead of the Olay beauty fluid, I use the Olay anti-wrinkle cream. I do not need an anti-wrinkle cream, but I am just using this up until I buy another, although, it moisturizes well. Lastly, I will just apply a lip balm, which is usually Burt’s Bees mango butter.

Hope you enjoyed reading this introductory blog to the fall season!

Comment, like, follow, request!

Katie 🙂 



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